Ottawa UU Youth Group

We are the YRUU (Young Religious Unitarian Universalists) of the First Unitarian Congregation of Ottawa in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Here is the Permission form for Ottawa YRUU youth group events. Here is the one from Asha from last year.

Here is the QuOM Con form (April 7-9, South Peel).

OWL materials are here.


The OWL information page is here.

QuOM's newest edition of the regional newsletter, QuOMunications is out and coming soon to a congregation near you!! To download a pdf version of it, go to You can also find QuOM's youth programming survey and flyers for the upcoming SDC there.

Upcoming Events:
KinderQUOM form

Past Events:
YRUU advisor training workshop: Friday Sept 12-Sunday Sept 14, 2003 More information is available.

Schenectady con: April 4-6, $35, forms are on this website, transportation is being organized by Neil, bring forms to Youth group on Sunday so they can be signed by Caroline.

Advisors Wanted!!! The Youth Group is currently in search of 3 new advisors and 3 occasional drivers. Being an advisor is an amazing oportunity to become involved in the youth group and the continental youth movement, as well as being a rewarding and challenging position. Youth advisors are expected to come to some Sunday meetings (rotation figured out by advisors), drive to at least 1 conference a year, attend some overnight sleepovers and retreats, and check email regularily. Advisors should be enthusiastic, open-minded, tolerant, nice, preferably be able to drive and even more preferably own a van, and should be able to work as a team with youth and other advisors. For more information contact any of the current advisors (for advisors contact information email Richard Briggs)

Since advisors are not always able to drive to weekend gatherings, we would like to have a list of people who would be willing to drive occasionally to events, without being regular advisors. However, these people would be advisors for the weekend event they drive to. Occasional drivers should have a drivers license and be open to attending a conference.

If these positions sound good to you, please email the YAC or talk to the youth on a Sunday morning at church.

Toronto con:
A contingent of Ottawa youth attended the "Construct-a-con" conference in Toronto on the weekend of February 28. There are photos of:

The con was a great event, with about 60 youth and advisors attending. During the con's business meetings, a regional Youth Adult Committee was created and alot of great visioning took place about the future of the QuOM region. The members of the YAC are Sasha Cragg-Gore (Toronto), Riannon (Montreal), Asha Philar (Ottawa), Scott Keeler (Toronto) and Susan Berry (South Peel). They will do important work to keep the region functioning and to improve the communication and programming for youth in Quebec, Ontario and the Maritimes.

Ottawa con 2002:
The Ottawa UU Youth Group held a youth conference from November 1st-3rd, 2002. It was geared towards youth of the Canadian QuOM (Quebec, Ontario, Maritimes) Region and youth from the St. Lawrence UUA District.

The con was a great success, drawing over 170 youth and advisors from Ontario, Quebec and New York state. The theme was Kinderjarken, which means living in the moment and having a jarkoriffic time in life. At the con, youth and advisors met new friends and saw old ones, ate, didn't sleep and participated in workshops such as Jark tag, Myers-Briggs, photography, dress-up, Jark, crazy hair and managing strong feelings. Thank you very much to everyone who helped plan the con, YRUU advisors and parents, adults who were overnight advisors, our ministers and all the attendees. It was quite a joyous occasion!!

The word "jark" is now official. Check out the definition of jark - 1 and jark - 2 at the Pseudo Dictionary site.

CUC youth program:
We are part of the Canadian Unitarian Council Youth Program. Please see the CUC youth website for more information about upcoming events, youth groups accross Canada, existing email lists and the Winter/Spring Youth Newsletter "Busking on the Causeway".
CUC Youth

Two Ottawa youth are members of the CUC Youth Advisory Group, Stephen Turnbull and Asha Philar. The YAG is a group with representatives from each Canadian Region and a few other youth and adults, who help empower the Canadian youth voice and foster communications of youth across the country. Stephen is also the Youth Observer to the CUC Board. For more information about the Canadian Unitarian Council, see the CUC website or email Stephen or Asha.

Ottawa con 2001:
We held a youth conference from the on February 9-11, 2001. The theme was 'irrationality'. There are photos of the con on the photos page.
The con got mentions on a couple of documents found on the web including the CUC's May 2001 Newsletter and the Unitarian Universalist Society of Oneonta's January 16, 2001 UU News and February 26, 2001 UU News.

Photos: There is a photo collection from past YRUU events in Ottawa and around the district, including the 2 Ottawa cons and youth retreats. The pictures were taken by youth advisor Richard Guy Briggs who is a great photographer and a wonderful advisor.
YRUU photo pages
. There are more recent photos here.

In June 2001, we lost of one of our members and friend Anya Brebner (1984-11-19 to 2001-06-16) to a bolt of lightning. There is a photo collage here

Email lists: There are a number of electronic mailing lists for the Ottawa Youth Group, advisors, parents and the Youth Adult Committee (YAC). These lists are only for members of these groups.

Forms: Saint Lawrence District (SLD) permission forms for SLD activities and youth group events can be found in plain ASCII text and PDF formats. Updated forms for SLD YRUU activities are here. The required adult ethics form is here.

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