YRUU Ottawa mailing lists

This is information about the electronic mailing lists maintained for the YRUU (Young Religious Unitarian Universalists) of the First Unitarian Congregation of Ottawa in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

There are a number of public electronic mailing lists serving the Ottawa YRUU. They are automatic lists that are managed by a piece of software called 'Majordomo' which runs on a Linux email server for Conservation Co-operative Homes.

In general, you must be subscribed to a list before you can post to it because majordomo will simply bounce email from non-list-members to that list's moderator, who will then likely delete it. If you use more than one email address, subscribe the address from which you will be posting or else your email will likely be treated as coming from a non-list-member. If you cannot avoid using more than one email address and don't want to receive multiple postings, subscribe the additional addresses to the '-nomail' lists or ask the majordomo owner to create one for that list.

To subscribe to any of the lists, send e-mail to majordomo@conscoop.ottawa.on.ca with a subscription request in the body of the message. DO NOT SEND SUBSCRIPTION REQUESTS TO THE LIST ADDRESSES AS THEY WILL BE CAUGHT BY THE LIST SOFTWARE AND DELETED. The subject line of the email is ignored. An example body text would be:

	subscribe yruu "Josephine Q. Public" <jqpublic@email.com>

If your email program insists on breaking or wrapping long lines, you can write instead:

	subscribe yruu \
	"Josephine Q. Public" \

Obviously, you would substitute the list name to which you wish to subscribe and your name and your email address.

To unsubscribe, simply substitute the command 'unsubscribe' for 'subscribe'.

To get help on using majordomo, simply put


in the body of the message.

The lists are:

List Status Purpose Moderator Archives
yruu open, Ottawa youth and advisors, auto-moderated Ottawa YRUU General discussion yruu-owner
yac open, Ottawa YAC members, auto-moderated Youth-Adult Committee General discussion yac-owner
yruu-advisors closed, Ottawa advisors, auto-moderated Closed advisor discussion yruu-advisors-owner

I highly recommend reading this Netiquette document published by the IETF, which provides a minimum set of guidelines for Network Etiquette, before posting to any mailing list. You may be removed from a list if you violate these.

In general, all postings to these lists that contain (file) attachments will bounce to the moderator and be deleted, especially those containing executable code or proprietary file formats. The reasons for this include the spread of viruses, accessibility, interoperability and bandwidth usage.

If you have questions about these policies, please email The ConsCoOp Majordomo Owner.

A neighbouring site, Flora Community Web has a good set of information for list managers.

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