Ottawa Youth Con This November

The old St Laurence District youth cons have always been fun and exciting. This year's Ottawa con will be no exception. It will bring together as always youth from the old SLD and this time around we are glad to be extending a hand to any Canadian YRUUs who feel like joining us. It will have some of the usual fare, like bagels for breakfast and a worship late Friday night with free sharing from fellow conferees and another on Saturday night put on by members of the Ottawa UU Youth Group. Also we'll be having a love feast, as well as a coffee house where members of the con community get up on stage and share a song or poetry they have written or a talent they may have etc... with other conferees. It is sure to be fun and memorable and this year's theme is Kinderjarken.

Kinderjarken is a place where the spirit of fun, imagination and originality mingle with philosophy, optimism, and growth. We hope by having fun and learning how to live in the moment, we will all grow in some way. We will provide an atmosphere where people can experience something memorable and hopefully try to capture the spirit of the child, through the experience of wonder, joy, and understanding. We aim not to rehash the past, but to experience ourselves with the enthusiasm and optimism of a child. We also intend to just have some mad crazy fun!!!!!

So if this sounds good to you we hope to see you in Ottawa from November the 1st to the 3rd for The 2002 Ottawa Kinderjarken Con. For more specific info or to request a con info package which has the registration forms for the con, you can contact Co-Funkmaster Devin Murphy or the other Co- Funkmaster Asha Philar. Also if the CUC has any questions of their own they can contact Stephen Turnbull.

Sincerely Devin Murphy Of Ottawa YRUU.

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