Friday Sept 12-Sunday Sept 14, 2003

First Unitarian Congregation of Ottawa, 30 Cleary Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario K2A 4A1 CANADA 613-725-1066

Name _______________________________________________________________________

Address/City/Prov/State/Postal Code _______________________________________________

E-mail Fax ___________________________________________________________________

Phone/day Phone/evening ________________________________________________________

Congregation & City ____________________________________________________________

Your Position _________________________________________________________________

Health Card Number________________________

Family Physician _______________________ phone_________________

Emergency Contact (Name and Phone Number): _____________________________________________________________

Please note any special needs
___ vegetarian ___vegan ___ smoker ___ allergies (specify) ___ other (specify)

Are you a new advisor? A youth leader? Please tell us a bit about yourself and what you hope to bring to and gain from this training! (Use back of page).

_____ I would appreciate home hospitality Friday and Saturday
**at this time we can not guarantee home hospitality. Please be prepared to stay at the church or in a hotel.
_____ Please send me local hotel information
I wish to stay at the church (bring your own sleeping bags, etc)
_____ I will have a car at my disposal _____ I will be carpooling with ___________________________
_____ Other needs (ride from airport, carpool request, etc.)
Arrival date/time _______ Departure date/time____________
Other details : Flight numbers or Mode of transport____________________

Fees: $50.00 Make cheques payable to: First Unitarian Congregation of Ottawa. Specify on the memo line: YRUU Advisor Training.
Fee includes Advisor training, Breakfast Saturday and Sunday, Lunch on Saturday, and Dinner on Saturday.

Mail to:
ATT: Rebecca Hogue, Youth Advisor Training,
First Unitarian Congregation of Ottawa,
30 Cleary Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario K2A 4A1

If possible, please e-mail a copy of the registration to prior to mailing in your registration. This will help ensure space is alloted for you.
Registration Deadline: September 3, 2003
After this date, please e-mail Rebecca at the address above or call her at 613-270-9276 to confirm availability.

To be filled out by all in attendance (Youth and Adults):

CODE OF ETHICS for adults and youth in leadership roles:

Adults and youth in leadership roles are in a position of stewardship and play a key role in fostering the spiritual development of both individuals and the community. It is therefore especially important that those in leadership positions be well qualified to provide the special nurture, care, and support that enable youth to develop a positive sense of self and a spirit of independence and responsibility. The relationship between young people and their leaders must be one of mutual respect if their potential is to be realized.

There are no more important areas of growth than those of self-worth and the development of a healthy identity as a sexual being. Leaders play a key role in assisting youth in these areas of growth. Wisdom dictates that all those involved suffer damaging effects when leaders become sexually involved with those they are leading; therefore, leaders will refrain from engaging in sexual, seductive, or erotic behaviour with youth in the community. Nor shall they sexually harass or engage in behaviour with youth that constitutes verbal, emotional, or physical abuse.

Leaders shall be informed of this code of ethics and agree to it before assuming their role. If this code is violated, appropriate action will be taken.
As an adult or youth in a leadership role at this conference, I certify that I have read and understood the above and I agree to abide by the Conference Code of Ethics.
__________________________________________ __________________
Signature Date

To be filled out by youth attending:

PARENT/GUARDIAN INFORMATION (if youth attending training is under the age of 18):
Address: ________________________
phone #’s: Home __________________ Work ________________________ Cell_______________

I understand that my son/daughter will be attending the Youth Advisor Training Friday Sept 12 through Sunday Sept 14, 2003. In case of emergency, I authorize the administration of emergency medical treatment for
. (print name)

Name of Adult Advisor accompanying or assigned to youth: ______________________________

Parent Signature______________________________ Date____________

Name of primary contact: Relation:
Home phone #: ( ) Work: ( ) Cell: ( )
Name of alternate contact: Relation:
Home phone #: ( ) Work: ( ) Cell: ( )

Please list any Allergies, Medications, Medical conditions, etc: